2P Stúdió
architectural design. 3D modeling.
Iván Perneczky, MSc architect. Phone: +36 (20) 4 555 056
The company was established in 1999 with the goal of providing high-level architectural design, plans of interior decoration and 3D modelling to our clients. Designing of detached houses, blocks of flats, industrial, social and cultural buildings make up our typical orders. Our office supports the investors in each phase of the building projects, from the study plans, through the permissional plans and tender documentations up to the executional plans.
We work together with engineer partners (statics, building engineers, electrical engineers, fire protection specialists, acoustics), that makes the process of authorization easier, and the construction less complicated.
Our plans are created on high performing computers with CAD softwares which ensures the accurate job. Besides the technical drawings we prepare colourful sketches, 3D models with photo montages or even video animations. We are at service in english, german, french and italian.
Beside my private praxis I'm working for a big architectural office, so I managed to gather relevant experience in designing of car showrooms, converted lofts and schools.

Best regards,
Iván Perneczky
MSc architect, manager

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